Tuna Korean Gimbab

Tuna Korean Gimbab
Estimated time30 minutes
Halong Canfoco Tuna in Vegetable oil, bowl of rice, sesame oil, carrot, cucumber, Halong Canfoco Everyday Sausage, seaweed laver, mayonnaise or chilli sauce, tomato sauce
How to cook
Step 1: Rinse the vegetables 
Step 2: Mix the rice with sesame oil 
Step 3: Evenly spread the rice on the seaweed laver, add carrot, cucumber and Halong Canfoco Tuna in Vegetable oil, Everyday Sausage 
Step 4: Roll the seaweed and slice it into small pieces 
Step 5: Enjoy your food   
Note: Eat with Kimchi to have more original Korean flavor

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