Black pepper pork ribs with udon noodle

Black pepper pork ribs with udon noodle
Estimated time20 minutes


Udon noodles, Expect Black pepper pork ribs, vegetables (sliced ​​broccoli, diced carrots), oyster sauce, pack of black pepper sauce, brown sugar
How to cook
Step 1: Cook the udon noodles and prepare the vegetables (separate the broccoli and diced the carrots).
Step 2: Mix the sauce mixture including Expect black pepper pork ribs sauce, oyster sauce, black soy sauce, and brown sugar together
Step 3: Stir the prepared noodles and sauce over medium heat (you can let the noodle pan rest for about 1-2 minutes) and then add the prepared vegetables and Expect black pepper pork ribs
Step 4: Enjoy the meal

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