History and Development

Founded in 1957, formerly known as Ha Long Canned Fish Factory, Ha Long Canned Food Company (Halong Canfoco) is considered as one of the pioneers in canned food manufacturing industry in Vietnam. Nowadays, along with the rapid growth of the country, Halong Canfoco is among the first companies listed in the Stock Market with nearly 1,000 employees, 2 food processing factories and 2 representative offices and 1 collection center for nationwide agricutural materials.

Over 65 years of establishing and development, the name Halong Canfoco is associated with the history of the country. Today, along with the flourishing growth of the economy, Halong Canfoco still retains the identity and quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine through products with rich nutrients and high quality, as shown through loyalty and trust of consumers. Our remarkable and popular brands are: Halong Canfoco, Expect, Everyday, Chipbon, Canfresh…

Our business sectors are varies from Canned products such as canned fish, canned meat, canned vegetables to retort sausages and frozen products such as frozen sausages, spring rolls or seafood spring rolls.

The company's products exist in all provinces, cities and are exported to nearly all continents, from Europe, Asia, to the Middle East, Africa...


Become the leading food brand in Asia.


Halong Canfoco is committed to providing the best nutrition to build a healthy, happy home, bring warmth and love to every family.


For Halong Canfoco, quality is always the top priority


You have passion for cuisine? Then let's discover millions of opportunities in this dynamic industry!